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Trophy Wife : Improv Comedy from Los Angeles

Trophy Wife

Improv Comedy from Los Angeles

Trophy Wife is a long-form improv comedy group that performs "The Harold," the signature improvised piece of the iOWest. Based on a single audience suggestion, Trophy Wife weaves a series of completely improvised scenes, stories, and games into a single hilarious piece. Each show is broadcast worldwide via the group's popular podcast.
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Trophy Wife Ties for First at NerdMelt LA

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Trophy Wife at NerdMelt LA

We had a great time last night at IMPRO (vs) TANDUP at NerdMelt LA. For the uninitiated, the show pits an single improv team against a trio of stand-ups with the audience deciding who they liked better.

After our show (no video, sorry), stand-ups Andrew Santino, Melissa Villasenor, and Andy Peters took to the stage for back-to-back sets. Despite repeatedly calling us “improvers,” all three comics were polished and hilarious. You should definitely check them out at your favorite comedy venue whenever they’re there.

After the stand-up sets, it was time to turn the tables. The improvisers had to do three minutes of stand-up and the stand-ups had to do three minutes of improv. We elected our own Mike Coen to represent us. Mike killed it – taking a suggestion from the audience and riffing on his age with references to Faces of Death, White Rain, and Dan Haggerty (from our most recent show) in the charming, self-deprecating way that only Mike can.

Then the stand-ups took to the stage and improvised a few scenes that included some good-natured ribbing at improvisers in general (it’s true, we do say “yes and” a lot).

The crowd was small, but very enthusiastic, and after the votes were counted, we actually tied with the stand-ups – which we immediately called bullshit on. We teamed up with the stand-ups and threatened to take on the audience and our hosts. Luckily, no blows were thrown.

Thanks to our hosts Rajan Dharni and Christian Spicer for inviting us to play. It’s always fun to perform in new venues and for new audiences and IMPRO (vs) TANDUP was no exeception. Be sure to check out their next show on April 11th at UCB.

Congrats to our "Win a Date With Dave" Winner

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Dave and Ellyse

Congrats to Ellyse – the winner of last night’s Win a Date with Dave Park giveaway. A Level One student at the iO, Ellyse thought the contest was a joke, so imagine how surprised she was when Dave chose her out of three lucky contestants after last night’s show.

Ellyse will be whisked away to a moderately priced bar or restaurant sometime in the near future by the handsome Dave Park. Thanks to all who entered and be sure to join us next time: John Abbott has already volunteered for our next giveaway.

Farewell Tim

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Tim Jennings in Silicon Alley

Last night, we said goodbye to good friend, founding member, and occasional robot Tim Jennings. Tim has been a Wife since Day One, and is now moving on to pursue other opportunities. We wish him nothing but the best of luck.

Below, you’ll find our tribute video to him, along with two of our favorite Tim video clips from years past. Enjoy.

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Jill Likes To Move It

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In last week’s show, our very own Jill Alexander played one of those costume-wearing sidewalk sign-flippers. Some people asked what she was listening to in her iPod. Now we know.

Tips for a Kountry Khristmas: Mind Games

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Sometimes I go from a big city (Los Angeles) to a small town (Mooresville, IN) over the holidays. This seems like it’d be relaxing, but sometimes I get stressed out from inactivity. This is because Mooresville is “quieter” than Los Angeles, and I’ve gotten used to loudness.*

So this year I’ve decided to keep myself amused by playing a new little game every day.

Today’s game was called Answer My Sister When She Is Talking to Her Cat As Though She’d Been Talking to Me.

Sample conversation:

Come on, fatness! Get off my mattress!

Oops, sorry about that.

No, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to the cat.


(Please note that I was nowhere near the mattress – in fact, I was in a different room)

Second conversation:

Come on, fatty, it’s time to eat your dinner.

Yay! What am I having?

No. I am talking to the cat.



If you decide to play this game, and I highly recommend it, nonchalance is key.

  • “loudness” = hobos, smog, desperation, partial nudity

Tim Kicks It Old School

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And now, from our trip to San Francisco this summer, something we like to call “Tim Kicks It Old School”:

Farewell Opus

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Last Wednesday, we said goodbye to Opus Moreschi with the following video tribute. If you didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Opus, you can leave your wishes in the comments. He still reads this site (we think).

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