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Trophy Wife : Improv Comedy from Los Angeles

Trophy Wife

Improv Comedy from Los Angeles

Trophy Wife is a long-form improv comedy group that performs "The Harold," the signature improvised piece of the iOWest. Based on a single audience suggestion, Trophy Wife weaves a series of completely improvised scenes, stories, and games into a single hilarious piece. Each show is broadcast worldwide via the group's popular podcast.
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Show: Euphemism (05.15.13)

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Our friend Andy Trask isn’t the only guest for this week’s show – based off the suggestion euphemism. Watch for cameos from James Woods, Sly Stallone, Sybil Danning, John Hancock and the rest of the Founding Fathers:

Show: Pineapple Juice (04.24.13)

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This week’s show, inspired by the suggestion “Pineapple Juice” is real local. You might not get a lot of the jokes if you don’t live in LA, but trust us, they’re hilarious. Check it out:

Show: Get Outta Here! (04.17.13)

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Ex-Wives Tim Jennings, Zabeth Russell, and Mike Betette join us this week for our 8th Anniversary show, inspired by the suggestion “Get Outta Here.” It’s a glorious mash-up of Wives past and present, goofing around in front of an audience just like we have for the past 8 years. Check it out:

Show: Boysenberry (03.06.13)

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Seamus McCarthy returns again for this week’s show – inspired by the suggestion “Boysenberry” and featuring Doomsday Preppers, an annoying couple, and a beleaguered theme park middle-manager. Check it out:

Show: Crackle (01.17.13)

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Show: Opera (12.06.12)

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Show: Rolodex (09.20.12)

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