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Trophy Wife : Improv Comedy from Los Angeles

Trophy Wife

Improv Comedy from Los Angeles

Trophy Wife is a long-form improv comedy group that performs "The Harold," the signature improvised piece of the iOWest. Based on a single audience suggestion, Trophy Wife weaves a series of completely improvised scenes, stories, and games into a single hilarious piece. Each show is broadcast worldwide via the group's popular podcast.
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Kevin's 100 Cartoon Self Portraits

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Cartoon Kevin

“To thine own self be true!” Shakespeare wrote it and our Kevin McShane is testing its limits. On the website Cartoon Kevin you can find one picture of Kevin and one HUNDRED interpretive drawings of that picture. Each one is an homage to a great animator and yet each one remains Kevin’s… own self. It’s true!

Kevin’s project has already reached the front page of Reddit, and been featured on Laughing Squid and iO9. Amazing!

Trophy Wife 8th Anniversary Show - April 16th @ 9:30pm at iOWest

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Trophy Wife 8th Anniversary

In April of 2005, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was inaugurated as the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church taking the name Pope Benedict XVI.

Halfway across the world, a small rag-tag group of Los Angeles improvisers took the name Trophy Wife and performed their first show on the mainstage at iOWest.

Eight years later, guess who's still standing?

That's right, bitches. We outlast Popes.

So join us Tuesday, April 16th at 9:30pm at iOWest as we gloat over outliving a Papal Reign. We'll have special guests, t-shirt giveaways, and much much more.

iOWest logo Trophy Wife's 8th Anniversary Show
Tuesday, April 16th @ 9:30pm
iOWest Mainstage
6366 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles

Trophy Wife Ties for First at NerdMelt LA

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Trophy Wife at NerdMelt LA

We had a great time last night at IMPRO (vs) TANDUP at NerdMelt LA. For the uninitiated, the show pits an single improv team against a trio of stand-ups with the audience deciding who they liked better.

After our show (no video, sorry), stand-ups Andrew Santino, Melissa Villasenor, and Andy Peters took to the stage for back-to-back sets. Despite repeatedly calling us “improvers,” all three comics were polished and hilarious. You should definitely check them out at your favorite comedy venue whenever they’re there.

After the stand-up sets, it was time to turn the tables. The improvisers had to do three minutes of stand-up and the stand-ups had to do three minutes of improv. We elected our own Mike Coen to represent us. Mike killed it – taking a suggestion from the audience and riffing on his age with references to Faces of Death, White Rain, and Dan Haggerty (from our most recent show) in the charming, self-deprecating way that only Mike can.

Then the stand-ups took to the stage and improvised a few scenes that included some good-natured ribbing at improvisers in general (it’s true, we do say “yes and” a lot).

The crowd was small, but very enthusiastic, and after the votes were counted, we actually tied with the stand-ups – which we immediately called bullshit on. We teamed up with the stand-ups and threatened to take on the audience and our hosts. Luckily, no blows were thrown.

Thanks to our hosts Rajan Dharni and Christian Spicer for inviting us to play. It’s always fun to perform in new venues and for new audiences and IMPRO (vs) TANDUP was no exeception. Be sure to check out their next show on April 11th at UCB.

Trophy Wife at NerdMelt - Feb. 28th at 7pm

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Trophy Wife at NerdMelt Feb. 28th @ 7pm

So this is cool. We’ve been asked by the good people at Impro(vs)tandup to represent the improv half of their next show at the NerdMelt Showroom at Meltdown in Hollywood. Past guests have included King Ten, Dasariski, and others, so we’re honored to be among their company.

The show includes standup from Andrew Santino (Arrested Development, Punk’d) and Melissa Villasenor (Family Guy, Adventure Time), so there’s bound to be something for everyone who likes to laugh.

So join us next Thursday at Meltdown. We’re not sure if it’s an actual competition, but if it is, we’re siccing Dave Park on them.

Trophy Wife in Impro(vs)tandup
Thursday, February 28th, 2013 at 7pm
The NerdMelt Showroom at Meltdown
7522 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood CA
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Rachael Drummond and Jill Alexander Back It Up

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In our show Watermelon, Rach and Jill Alexander played two divorcees on a booze cruise looking for love. Here’s an animated GIF of them proving they still got it. Enjoy.

The Creamster Addresses the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

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Watch Dave and I in this sketch in which professional wrestler Tony “The Creamster” Pensacola addresses the Hulk Hogan sex tape scandal.

You have no idea how hard it was for me to keep a straight face during this shoot.

Farewell to Zabeth

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Check out our moving tribute to founding member Zabeth Russell on the night of her final show – June 13th, 2012 – featuring an original song by Gregtronic.

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