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Trophy Wife : Improv Comedy from Los Angeles

Trophy Wife

Improv Comedy from Los Angeles

Trophy Wife is a long-form improv comedy group that performs "The Harold," the signature improvised piece of the iOWest. Based on a single audience suggestion, Trophy Wife weaves a series of completely improvised scenes, stories, and games into a single hilarious piece. Each show is broadcast worldwide via the group's popular podcast.
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Trophy Wife 7th Anniversary Show - April 11 @ 9:30pm at iOWest

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Trophy Wife 7th Anniversary - Aprill 11th @ 9:30pm

Any married couple with half a bottle of wine in them will tell you about the Seven Year Itch: that inevitable period in any courtship when the the initial spark fades a smolder, those early surprises settle into a mundane routine, and both partners start look outside of the marriage for the excitement of something new.

This desire might manifest itself as anything:

  • from, say, sending some harmless, flirty texts to a cute co-worker,
  • Or perhaps some harmless masturbation some pics that co-worker sends back,
  • Or maybe meeting up with said co-worker at the Comfort Inn in Santa Monica over lunch on a Tuesday afternoon for a harmless, yet torrid bone-a-thon.
The variations are myriad, but the point is this:

Eric, Mike, and TimWe here at Trophy Wife have been performing together for seven years come April, and lately we too have been feeling The Itch. That's why we decided to ask some of our ex-Wives to join us for our seventh anniversary show on April 11th. Eric Hunicutt, Mike Betette, and Tim Jennings have all agreed to take the stage with us for one night only for a very special Harold that's sure to be an unforgettable experience. See, it's not that we don't love each other anymore, it's just that after so long together WE NEED TO FEEL WANTED AGAIN, DAMNIT.

-Ahem- Sorry.

So join us on April 11th at iO for our 7th anniversary show as we revisit old friends, reopen old wounds, and generally get all weird with each other onstage. It's sure to be a night full of laughs and memories that, as we look toward our future together, will have to last us a very, very long time.


iOWest logo Trophy Wife's 7 Year Anniversary Show
featuring ex-Wives Eric Hunicutt, Mike Betette, and Tim Jennings
Wednesday, April 11th @ 9:30pm
iOWest Mainstage
6366 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles

Win A Date With Dave Park on Feb. 15th

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Win a Date with Dave Park on Feb. 15th

Can I be frank with you? It’s pretty tough being on a Harold team that oozes so much sexiness. Really tough. Sometimes, during a sweaty rehearsal, it’s all we can do to keep from jumping on each other and making so many babies, the Duggars would say “Hey, slow down, you dirty freaks.”

But we can’t help it. We’re just all really bone-worthy. We are all such tasty morsels, in fact, that there’s only one Trophy Wife left who hasn’t been snapped up by the love-vultures of the outside world. And that Trophy Wife is Mr. Dave Park.

Dave Park

“How is this possible?” you ask? We’ve asked each other that question a million times, and we really don’t know. Just look at that guy! Don’t you just want to wrap yourself up in all that pillowy chest hair like a Snuggie and just never come out? Wouldn’t you like to sit with him and buy him beverage after beverage as he regales you with tales of his trips to the Orient? Wouldn’t you like to admire his smartly-tied and fashion-forward neckerchief close-up, instead of from afar?

Are you human? Then course you would. And that’s why we’re GIVING HIM TO YOU. Yes, you read that right. If you’ve been jonesing for a walk in the Park, you’d better get your sweet tush to the Trophy Wife show on February 15, because one lucky audience member will WIN A DATE WITH DAVE.

Oh, we know. Right now you’re panting, pinching your cheeks to get a natural-looking flush, desperately applying Spanx to your body and screaming, “WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?” at your computer screen. That’s natural, if you have eyes and your reproductive organs are still cranking. Well, calm down. All you have to do is attend the Trophy Wife show on February 15 at 9:30 pm on the IOWest Mainstage, and get ready to give a suggestion to inspire our show. Three lucky ladies will be chosen. And then Cupid will work his magic, sending one damsel straight into the arms of Dave.

The show is still a week away, so you have time to do the Master Cleanse and lose those last pesky five pounds before you shimmy into your party dress and straight into a date with Dave Park. Not that you’d need to change yourself in any way. Dave’s not shallow. He already thinks you’re perfect.

Win a Date With Dave
presented by Trophy Wife
Wednesday, Feb. 15th @ 9:30pm
iOWest – 6366 Hollywood Blvd.
Tickets $5 – Order Online

Win a Trophy Wife T-Shirt at Trophy Wife's 6th Anniversary Show

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Trophy Wife T-Shirt

So tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of our first show. What did you get us? The traditional 6th anniversary gifts are candy and/or iron. A broadsword made of marzipan would span both categories nicely.

What's that? You didn't get us anything? No, we're not upset. No, we're not being passive aggressive. We know you're busy. And we totally don't want to make you feel guilty when we say we got you something.

That's right, tomorrow night, at our 6th anniversary show, we'll be giving away a totally sweet, limited edition Trophy Wife t-shirt to the lucky audience member who gives us the suggestion for our show.

Can't make it to the theater tomorrow night? You can watch it LIVE online at The Wednesday Night Improv Experience website.

Can't make it to the theater, but still want a t-shirt? You can always purchase one here.

We hope to see you tomorrow night, live or online. We're only going to have one 6th anniversary.

iOWest logo Trophy Wife 6th Anniversary Show and T-Shirt Giveaway
April 6th, 2011 at 9pm
iOWest Mainstage
6366 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles

Or LIVE online as part of The Wednesday Night Improv Experience.

Wife Gets INNY Nom

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It’s February in Hollywood and that means awards season. And Trophy Wife is right there in the mix: we’ve been nominated for an INNY!

The INNY awards recognize excellence in improvisational theater. The Improvisation News runs these awards, with categories for troupes, theaters, and individuals who advance the improv art form. Past winners include Baby Wants Candy for Best Musical Improv and LA’s own Dave Razowski for Best Improv Coaching.

Trophy Wife was been nominated in the Best in Long Form category. Improv News readers can cast their ballots online now.

Trophy Wife would like to thank the Improvisation News and its readers. It is an honor to be nominated!

A Special Announcement from Trophy Wife

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USS Rock N Roll and Trophy Wife - Wednesdays at 9pm starting January 5th

Happy Thanksgiving from The Wife

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Thanksgiving 2010 {giant explosion noise here!} just passed us by and some Wifely thanks are due.

1. Thanks for baby Andrew Drummond. Rachael and Alex brought the newest child Wife into the world and we promise to make it a place full of laughter.

2. Thanks to all of you who check in here and follow the Wife. I was in Austin for the Out of Bounds Improv Festival in September and had so many fellow improvisers mention that they watch our shows in order to learn Harold. The fact that this website has turned out to be an educational resource for groups without access to major improv training centers is a huge kudos to Kevin McShane, who also deserves thanks for all the effort he puts into making the Wife look awesome on the web and in every photo he’s ever taken.

3. Thanks to our significant others for making our Wife family bigger and better. All the Wives are in love with non-Wives, and thanks to those tolerant people we lead richer lives and have more to bring to the improv table.

4. Thanks to Los Angeles for making 2010 a year full of opportunity and work for the Wives. We’ve all taken great steps forward in our non-improv endeavors this year.

5. Thanks IOWest. Having the time and energy to focus on improv is a treat. Having a place to do it in is a luxury. Thanks to the entire community there for keeping the Wife going.

DHT: The Final Show - "Forever"

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Photo by Amanda Barnes

For the past three years, we here on Trophy Wife have been fortunate to have shared our Wednesday nights with one of the best Harold teams at the iOWest: DHT. Modern myth states that DHT stands for “Dave Hill’s Team” – a temporary moniker applied to a new team coached by Dave Hill that appeared on the iOWest roster back in 2004. Both the name and the team stuck around, and after winning the 2007 Harold Competition, DHT joined us in the 9pm hour.

Despite an ever-changing cast over the years, the quality of DHT’s work, the strength of their friendships, and their respect in the community continued to grow. Nowhere was this more evident than in last night’s packed house, as many former DHT castmembers came out – both in-person and via video – to pay tribute to this franchise team and mark the end of an improv era.

So it’s with a little sadness, but great honor, that we present DHT’s final show: based off the suggestion “Forever.” Filled with insider humor, it’s nonetheless a fitting farewell to one of the finest Harold Teams iOWest has ever produced.


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