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The Trophy Wife Benefit for Boobs : An Evening of Top-Heavy Improv Comedy Benefitting the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
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Trophy Wife Benefit for Boobs poster

Trophy Wife Benefit for Boobs

An evening of top-heavy comedy benefiting the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Here at the Trophy Wife Research Center and Laboratory*, we've 95% sure that you have feelings about breasts. This is because one or more of the following is true:

a) You have breasts
b) You know and/or love someone who has or did at one time have breasts
c) You're a total breast fetishist who has trouble forming a sentence without the word "boobs" in it**
d) Man-boobs.

It's impossible to get away from breasts. They're everywhere. Great, right? We're big fans!

Unfortunately, as you may know, there is an ENEMY OF THE BREAST lurking out there in the bosoms of loved ones as well as strangers. This enemy is known as breast cancer, and we at Trophy Wife have decided we are not "into" breast cancer. You can't take boobs away from us without permission. NOT ON OUR WATCH, BREAST CANCER!

This is why two of us, Kevin (who loves boobs) and Zabeth (who has boobs), have decided to take part in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Do we need your help? Oh, good question. Yes, actually, we do. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is a marathon and a half's walk that takes place over two days. Each walker is required to raise $1800 dollars or more in order to be able to participate. And in order to help us reach our fundraising goals, we're inviting you to the Trophy Wife Benefit for Boobs, a three-hour cavalcade of hilarious improv comedy, all for a good cause (boobs). We very much hope to see you and your impressive chest in attendance.

It's free to get into the benefit - however, we suggest that you make a donation of five to ten dollars. All the proceeds will, of course, go directly to the Avon Foundation.

We love you and love your boobs and boob-related activities,
-Trophy Wife

*Zabeth's Facebook wall
**this maybe only applies to about 32% of you

Friday, August 7th, 2009

starting at 8pm

FREE (donations welcome)
Avon Walk For Breast Cancer iOWest logo

The Andy Dick Theater at iOWest

6366 Hollywood Blvd. (Enter on Cosmo)

Los Angeles, CA
Scheduled to Perform*
Kick Drum
Kick Drum Decade
LA Improv Comedy Festival Cagematch Champions
The Lusty Horde
The Lusty Horde
A Fully-Improvised Sci-Fi Adventure
Delicious Moments
Delicious Moments
Second City Alumni Ithamar Enriquez and Brian Shortall
Middle Seat
Middle Seat
A Show That Doesn't Mean to Bother You
Improv with a Woman's Touch
The Improvised Rock Opera
*schedule subject to change
The Trophy Wife Benefit for Boobs is in no way sponsored or endorsed by The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer or The Avon Foundation.
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