Trophy Wife's Intimate Holiday Special - Thurs 12/5 10pm at iOWest

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Trophy Wife Holiday Bonanza - Dec 5th 10pm at iOWest

It's the holiday season again. And no matter what you celebrate, nothing is better than curling up next to a cozy fire with your favorite Trophy Wives. Fuzzy socks? Check. Hot Toddys? YES. Nuzzling? You bet your ass.

And it's going to be a chilly one this week, too. It might even dip down into the 40s. THE 40's, PEOPLE. We better huddle together to stay warm. There's no other alternative.

So throw on your best holiday sweater and join us this Thursday night at 10pm iOWest as we present our Intimate Holiday Special. We're sandwiched between The Reckoning and Drunkards and Dragons for maximum warmth. We'll bring the laughs. You bring the marshmallows and hot chocolate. It's gonna be festive as shit.

iOWest logo Trophy Wife's Intimate Holiday Special
Thursday, Dec 5th @ 10pm on the Main Stage
iOWest Mainstage
6366 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles

Trophy Wife with Haley Mancini - Thursday 11/14 10pm at iOWest

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Trophy Wife with Haley Mancini 11.14.13 10pm at iOWest

We’re super-jazzed (“super-jazzed”, really? Who says that?) about this Thursday night’s show at iOWest. NOT ONLY because it might be our last show of 2013 (we don’t know our December schedule yet), but also because we’ll be joined by special Guest Wife Haley Mancini.

Haley’s a veteran of Boom Chicago, UCB, iO, and the Groundlings, as well as the co-host of The Morning After on Hulu. Check out her latest episode:

We’ll be sharing the hour once again with the always-excellent The Reckoning, so be sure to join us at 10pm this Thursday night at iOWest for a show we’re super-jazzed about.

iOWest logo
Trophy Wife with Haley Mancini
Thursday, Nov 14th @ 10pm on the Main Stage
iOWest Mainstage

Trophy Wife Congratulates The Improv Fest Ireland

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Next month marks the inaugural Improv Fest Ireland in Dublin. Put together by our pal Neil Curran and friends, it’s a full week of shows, workshops, and storytelling featuring groups from around the world. Despite a full-half of our team being of Irish descent, we can’t make it, but we took a minute after a recent show to shout them out. Check it out:

For more information on the festival or to buy tickets, visit Improv Fest Ireland.

Trophy Wife Graduates From Harold Night - Thurs 10/24 10pm

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Trophy Wife & The Reckoning - Thurs. Oct 24th 10pm

Ever since our birth back in 2005, Trophy Wife has been a part of Harold Night at iOWest. For 8 years, we performed weekly on the Main Stage, first on Tuesdays at 11pm (ugh), then Wednesdays at 9, and finally Tuesdays at 9. And we had a blast the entire time, performing alongside other legendary teams such as DHT, USS Rock N' Roll, and most recently The Cartel.

But now it's finally time for us to graduate from Harold Night. To kick off the proverbial training wheels and totter down the road on our own. That's why we're moving to Thursday nights at 10pm. Our new monthly slot gives us more time (40 min!) to stretch out and explore. New forms. New night. New time. We're excited as hell.

For our first show, we've teamed with The Reckoning - the LA incarnation of the legendary iO Chicago Harold Team. Not only do we share similar paths, but we also share ex-Wife Eric Hunicutt - and plan to fight over him backstage.

So join us this Thursday at 10pm as we pry ourselves away from the bosom of Harold Night for the first time. There'll be tears, laughs, and beers (mostly laughs and beers).

iOWest logo Trophy Wife and The Reckoning
Thursday, Oct 24th @ 10pm on the Main Stage
iOWest Mainstage
6366 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles

Opus Moreschi Wins An Emmy!

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Opus Moreschi Emmy

Congrats to our ex-Wife Opus Moreschi for his Primetime Emmy win last Sunday night. Opus and his crew at The Colbert Report won both Outstanding Variety Series and Outstanding Writing in a Variety Series, breaking The Daily Show’s stranglehold on both categories.

Opus left us a few years ago to write for Colbert and quickly rose to the rank of Head Writer after running Colbert’s SuperPAC during the 2012 election. Needless to say we’re super proud of him and can’t wait to see what he does next.

Jill Alexander for Kohl's

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We’ve always known our Jill Alexander has some pretty sweet dance moves, but check her out in this commercial for Kohl’s:

NICE, right? Let’s look at them again. It all starts with a simple head nod as she starts to feel the groove:

Jill Alexander for Kohl's


Jill Alexander for Kohl's

Get it, gurl.

Jill Alexander for Honda Summer Clearance

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Check out our lovely Jill Alexander in this commercial for Honda’s Summer Clearance. Jill plays a doctor who prescribes a new car to someone who tweets at her, which is a preposterous premise because a) doctor’s can’t prescribe automobiles, b) especially to patients who just tweet at them, c) Jill is not a doctor, and d) she even admits to such at the end of the spot, rendering the whole goddamn thing moot. I am so upset right now.

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