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Trophy Wife 5th Anniversary Show - Wed 4/7 9pm @ iOWest : Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife 5th Anniversary Show - Wed 4/7 9pm @ iOWest

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Trophy Wife 5th Anniversary - April 7th 9pm @ iOWest

The lifespan of a Harold Team is like that of a dog - every year together is equivalent to about 7 real-people years. This year, Trophy Wife turns 5, making us essentially 35 years old in the real world. And not to toot our own horn, but we're still looking and feeling pretty damn good for our age.

While it's true that we don't get to the gym as much as we'd like, we're still relatively trim and can keep up with the kids - for the most part. And yes, we've discovered our fair share of gray hairs, and it seems like more and more of that hair is ending up in the drain every day. But that's nothing a little peroxide and creative combing can't fix.

Most importantly, though - and not to be crude but - we can still fuck like a goddamn stallion. Hell, we consider ourselves at our sexual peak these days. Sure, there are younger, better looking Harold Teams out there. But you're talking about the experience of seasoned professionals here. We've been at this for quite some time and everyone knows it. I mean, look at the way the girls at the office flirt with us. We know what they talk about when we leave the room. We're hip.

So join us at iO this Wednesday night as we celebrate our 5th anniversary. It'll be a night full of surprises - and if you play your cards right, we might just dry hump you in the broom closet. Because as everyone knows - the traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood.

iOWest logo Trophy Wife 5th Anniversary Show and Dry-Hump-a-Thon
April 7th, 2010 at 9pm
iOWest Mainstage
6366 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles

Trophy Wife Live!

Saturday, June 14th @ 8pm
6366 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

323.962.7560 for tickets/info

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