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Six Degrees of Opus Moreschi : Trophy Wife

Six Degrees of Opus Moreschi

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Six Degrees of Opus Moreschi

Everyone knows Opus. Most people love Opus. And much like Kevin Bacon in the movies, it’s my theory that everyone at iOWest has performed with Opus – at least tangentally. Hence Six Degrees of Opus Moreschi.

So from now until we get bored with it, we’ll post a new person every Friday for you to link to Opus using the Comments section. The only rules are that you have to stay in the iO family (past or present) and you can’t use members of Opus’ current teams (Trophy Wife or Cup of Tea) more than once.

Points will be awarded for both a) the shortest route and b) the most convoluted route. Whoever has the most points at the end of some undetermined time period gets. . . I dunno, a t-shirt or something. Haven’t really worked that part out just yet.

Got it? Good, let’s do a practice round using the Big Guy himself: James Grace:

Opus Moreschi
Opus Moreschi
James Grace
James Grace

O.K. Here’s an example of a short route:

Opus Moreschi performs in Cup of Tea with Charlotte Newhouse who performed in Mancation with James Grace.

And here’s an example of a convoluted route:

Opus Moreschi performs in Trophy Wife with Tim Jennings who performs in the Lusty Horde with Andy Trask who performed in My First Time with Cacky with Craig Cackowski who performs in COG with Nick Armstrong who performs in KOALA with Steve Berg who performed in Mancation with James Grace.

You get the idea.

So test your knowlege of the incestuous talent pool that is iOWest with this week’s pick:

Opus Moreschi
Opus Moreschi
Miles Stroth
Miles Stroth

Have fun.

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