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Looks Like We Made It (This Far): 3 Years of the Wife : Trophy Wife

Looks Like We Made It (This Far): 3 Years of the Wife

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Do you know how hard it is to stay married in LA?

It’s hard. Really hard. Whoever says marriage isn’t work is full of crap. Don’t get us wrong, there are good times too. But then what about the times when Eric Hunicutt stalks grouchily off to bed without taking out the trash, or Mike Coen leaves his socks lying around, or Rachael Drummond eats all the spaghetti Bolognese we made without a “thank you” or even an “eeehngh” of pleasure!? Huh? And don’t even get us started on those nights when Kevin McShane turns a cold shoulder in the conjugal bed because he has a “headache” (Kevin ALWAYS has a headache, these days, and if his head is hurting then MAYBE he shouldn’t flounce around in those little scraps of lace like he’s asking for it).

But, like we said, there are also good times. And those good times, if you wait for them, can make you forget the bad times. Like the time when Opus Moreschi packed us a surprise picnic lunch and we took it up in the hot air balloon, then when we came down Jill had camels waiting to carry us to the Arbor Day Parade, and then Tim handmade us all little decoupaged cards telling us which parts of our bodies were his favorites and he said we couldn’t show them to anyone else because they were PRIVATE, and we all played footsie under the wrought-iron table before running down to the beach and getting our pants all full of sand.

Those times are pretty awesome. And it’s those little things that remind us why we stay married.

Which also reminds us – hey, this Wednesday is our THREE YEAR anniversary show! Yes, three whole years. We’ve been faithful, too. Not that we haven’t looked at other improv teams… but you can look as long as you don’t touch, right?

P.S. the three year anniversary is the SCADS OF CASH anniversary which means you should give us money. But if you don’t want to do that, you could always just come to our show Wednesday night at 9:30 (after DHT at 9). What do you think?

Trophy Wife Live!

Saturday, June 14th @ 8pm
6366 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

323.962.7560 for tickets/info

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